Information about Bahamas: The Bahamas, commonly known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas - is a country within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic. Taking up to 97% of the Lucayan Archipelago's land area and also home to 88% of the archipelago's population. The archipelagic state consists of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, and is located north of Cuba and northwest of the island of Hispaniola and the Turks and Caicos Islands, southeast of the US state of Florida, and east of the Florida Keys. The capital is Nassau on the island of New Providence. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force describes The Bahamas' territory as encompassing 470,000 km² of ocean space. Read More...

Game and Nature

Game and Nature Reserve

Game and Nature

Clifton Heritage Park

Clifton Heritage Park was established in June 2004 to preserve this important area for the use and benefit of the …

Lucayan National Park

The Lucayan National Park was established in March 1982. It is located between Freeport and Freetown at Gold Rock Creek and consists of 40 acres of land.

The Retreat

The Retreat, located on Village Road in Nassau, is one of three gardens in the area and features rare and exotic species of palms, cycads, …

Primeval Forest National Park

The Primeval Forest National Park, located in Nassau just south of Frank Watson Highway is the perfect place to take your family this summer for a fun and educational experience.

Sea Lion Encounter at Blue Lagoon..

Sea Lion Encounter at Blue Lagoon, is your chance to experience sea lions live and close-up like never before in our pristine all-natural marine habitat.

Harold & Wilson Ponds National Park.

Harold & Wilson Ponds National Park– Located in South Central New Providence, Harold and Wilson Ponds provides natural wetland habitat for more than 100 bird species, including the island’s highest concentration of waterbirds (herons, egrets, ibises and cormorants).

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